Kaya Wanju
(Hello and Welcome)
to Meena's Design's



Meena's Design's is a family run business, 100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated, created to fulfill our artistic passion for Aboriginal Art. 

Established in July 2020, Meenas Designs offers numerous artistic opportunities

 - Hand crafted Jewellery

- Hand painted and resin designed clocks, serving boards and more 

- Custom Sports and Work apparel

- Commissioned Artwork

- Logo Designs

 - Custom Shoe Art

 - Murals of all sizes

- Art Programs and classes Coming soon

Meenas Designs works with you to create your art piece, so it tells the story and meaning your after for generations to come.


"Fit in by standing out" … Be a Leader
Meena ~ Peta Ugle

I don't own rights to this music.
Song - For My Tittas - Barkaa



Mandurah WA, Australia

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